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What’s the name of that book?
Published on Saturday, January 8, 2011 by

I’ve been out of the loop in terms of comic news for the past month or so, and with other priorities weighing down on me I haven’t checked the solicitations and didn’t know what all was out there for comics this week, especially for Marvel a company that hasn’t held my interest very much lately with the exception of a couple titles (She-Hulks, Hawkeye and Mockingbird [which has been cancelled] and Ozma of Oz). There is one way, however, that Marvel can always peak my interest and that’s when I see Doctor Doom on the cover of a comic, which I did tonight when I was in my local store picking up my comics from the past couple of weeks. This is what I saw sitting on the shelves:

Awesome, I thought! I like the Avengers, and I always enjoy a good Doom story well it’s a 4 of 9, so I’ll look it up when I get home and see if it’s worth looking for back issues of; so let’s see it’s Avengers… ummm Avengers… Avengers: Th Doctor Doom’s head, ENS a wing. is that a v or a u?

This is just horrible marketing, I can understand the appeal of putting your characters, partially in front of your title but when a new reader has no idea what the name of the book even is… you’ve got a problem. I should not have to go to the counter of the comic store and ask, “hey what’s that comic with Doctor Doom on it called?” It makes me feel like an idiot and a lot of people won’t bother asking… it makes it so if I want to read up on it I have to go to extra effort then I otherwise would. Here’s a tip to all publishers, make the process as simple as you can for new readers it doesn’t take a lot to turn a possible impulse buyer away, and not knowing what the hell they’re looking at will do it. My comic store bags every book that goes on the shelf so you can’t pick them up and look through, and you shouldn’t have to to find out what the title is anyway.

This isn’t rocket science, don’t cover up more then two or so letters in a word with characters, or I can guarantee you’ll loose readers; Marvel just lost the chance to get 27 dollars out of me (for the whole 9 issue series).

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