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The Cape Episodes 1 & 2
Published on Monday, January 10, 2011 by

Episode 1 “Pilot”
Episode 2 “Tarot”
Air Date: 01/09/11

Vince Faraday/The Cape – David Lyons
Dana Faraday – Jennifer Ferrin
Trip Faraday – Ryan Wynott
Max Malini – Keith David
Peter Fleming/Chess – James Frain
Orwell – Summer Glau

This was a pretty good show. Some of the script was pretty cliche. It has the feel of a true comic book put on the tv screen. Everything you would expect from a comic book is on display on the show.

The premiere was 2 hours long and really two episodes together. Both episodes work together as part of the origin tale. The first is the actual origin but the second builds on it and both come together to create the full tale.

The show does a good job of showing the tale of Vince Faraday and how his wife/son end up dealing with it. All the actors do good performances. Parts of it are overacted, but not that badly, just enough to help create the comic book atmosphere.

I’m not sure how it will play to the rest of the world, but comic book fans should enjoy the show. It’s got some cheese to it, but not enough to go overboard. The villians are fairly well developed. Chess is pretty cliche, drawing alot of comparasions to Lex Luthor and the Joker put together. He’s got the Jokers craziness with Luthor’s stature outside of the super hero community, where the public thinks he’s a good person.

It creates a nice dynamic and the eye thing is pretty freaky. The back story to Cain also serves to create more to the world then just the conflict between Vince and Chess.

The Carnival is full of some interesting characters that are deeper then they seem. Max especially is more then meets the eye.

The story does play loose with time. In episode 2 we see the hit ordered on Portman, The Secretary of Prisons for Palm City, but it ends up being days before it actually happens. Which seems a bit odd, but it does allow for Vince to grow a bit into the role of the Cape.

That Palm City needs a Secretary of Prisons is a bit much. That is the negative of The Cape. It seems like Palm City is pretty isolated from the rest of the United States. That the government would be okay with Ark taking over as the Police of the city seems pretty far fetched but then the Cape is supposed to be a comic book on screen.

It seems like an old school comic book though. Like the creators haven’t read a comic in years and this is how they remember it from their childhoods.

That’s not a bad thing as there is a definate nostalgia feel to the show compared to today’s comic books.

And it has Summer Glau in it, as the “oracle” to The Cape. I’d watch her in anything. Here’s hoping that this show doesn’t suffer from the same fate that the rest of her shows have, early cancelation. Glau’s character, Orwell, is a blogger that is against the public persona of Chess, who seems to have more going on.

I think it’s pretty obvious from the clue’s given what her secret is. And I think it makes her character stronger and more developed.

I enjoyed that they make The Cape’s abilities have some basis in real life. Having him learn from the Carnival and their varied abilities helps ground the series in reality. So far nothing seems out of the bounds of reality. Yes, the escapist things are borderline, but at least it’s somewhat grounded.

I think that will help non-genre fans get into the show more.

All in all the premiere was pretty good and I look forward to more.

The Cape Episodes 1 & 2 receive
4 out of 5

Good start to the series. Entertaining.

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