The GeeksverseDark Sun #1 – Advanced Review

Dark Sun #1 – Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 by

Written by: Alex Irvine
Art by: Peter Bergting
Colors: Ronda Pattison
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Cover Art: A- Andy Brase; B- Wayne Reynolds
Editor: Denton J. Tipton

The second of IDW’s new Dungeons & Dragons books launches this week and it’s based on the Dark Sun campaign setting. I’m not quite sure why they chose the Dark Sun setting, as it seems fairly boring when compared to others, but then they already have a book set in the standard setting so it does make some sense to do something different. I think part of DC’s problems when they had the liscense was that two books, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and Forgotten Realms, both took place in the same realm and that Spelljammer was connected to those realms. With as varied a universe as D&D has, having most of the books set in the same place was a bit of a waste.

I don’t know much about the Dark Sun setting, so not sure how well this book does at translating the feel of that setting. For me the setting is pretty plain and drab, kind of boring. The desert setting seems limiting in what kind of stories it can offer.

The problem with this book is that the writing is jumpy. It’s hard to follow in parts. I’m not sure if it’s the script or the artist, but the story is hard to follow and oddly paced and laid out. The main character, Grudvik, is an enigma. There’s not much to form an opinion of him from. The same with the slave trader that he reluctantly takes on as an ally. The whole sequance is odd. I still don’t understand why Grudvik didn’t kill the man to begin with.

The art style fits the setting. It’s gritty and has a feel of just coming out of a dust storm. So in terms of style it works.

It’s just the pacing of the art that creates a problem. The layouts don’t work with the story. One page has the shadows behind the rock and then they’re in front with Grudvik attacking. This kind of layout jumping occurs throughout the story and doesn’t allow it to get any kind of flow going.

Dark Sun #1 receives
1 out of 5

The zero issue didn’t do much for me and the first issue doesn’t either.

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