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Phil Jimenez Returns to DC Comics
Published on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 by

DC announced today that fan favorite artist Phil Jimenez signed an exclusive contract with the publisher.

From DC’s The Source:

Official Press Release

Phil Jimenez has come home.

To DC Comics, naturally! Phil returns to DC after signing an exclusive contract, and I have the pleasure and privilege of working with him. You see, Phil will be drawing and co-plotting an arc of ADVENTURE COMICS starring the “Legion Academy”—with characters he had a hand in creating, along with co-plotter and scripter Paul Levitz.

Of all of the tentpole DC franchises, Phil has never tried his hand at the classic, iconic 31st century—and as the editor of both LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES and ADVENTURE COMICS, I was stunned when he asked to draw a short story in LEGION #6 this past year. And the more Phil came in to drop off his penciled pages, the more we kinda geeked out on all things Legion—particulary Paul’s powerful and lengthy run during our hardcore fanboy days.

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