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Avengers: EMH Episode 17
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Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Episode 17 “The Man Who Stole Tomorrow”
Air Date: 01/09/11

The thing I really like about this show is how it combines elements from all eras and incarnations of the Avengers. This episode featured 42, the prison built in the Negative Zone, which was the 42nd idea that Hank Pym, Tony Stark and Reed Richards came up with that would make the world a better place. This was one of the major elements after Civil War and that led into Secret Invasion.

This is just one example of how the writers bring in all elements to create something new. Having Ultron in charge of 42 is a new twist that is unique to this show and illustrates how they take the pieces of the past and make it into the show’s own.

The best part of this episode was the training session between Captain America and Tony Stark. Having Hawkeye and Hulk laughing just made the whole thing that much better. Good job with Tony’s all-too human reactions and the animation on his emotions was top notch.

I’m still not a fan of how they do Captain America’s chin. For some reason it bugs the hell out of me.

The rest of the episode was good. I’ve never been a fan of Kang’s look and seeing it animated didn’t help any. The Avengers reactions to Kang’s ultimatum was exactly as you would expect, Cap willing to step down but the Avengers not letting him.

Tony’s solution to taking over Kang’s chair was a bit too pat, but it did fit in with the “moral” that Cap had been trying to teach Tony earlier.

The newest may not be as good as previous, the one with Mockingbird is still my favorite, but they don’t take a significant dip either. The overall quality of writing and animation remains consistent from episode to episode.

Avengers: EMH Episode 17 “The Man Who Stole Tommorrow” receives
4 out of 5

This show continues to entertain and each new layer just adds to the overall mythos.

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