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Fallen Angel: Return of the Son #1
Published on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 by

An enigmatic figure being chased in a hail of gun fire in the now, flashes back into a fireball of vengeance for the outspoken, to open the next installment of Fallen Angel.

This issue opens outside of Bette Noir, but quickly brings the action back to the near mythical city. Bette Noir means an introduction of Fallen Angel.

Fallen Angel is a character with an odd publishing history. It started as a Vertigo title that tred through the regular DCUniverse as a possible Supergirl (Supergirl had disappeared for a time Fallen Angel became the red herring). Fallen Angel’s creator, Peter David, was able to wrest the character away from the corporation and bring it to IDW where he retains creative control. All of these exploits have been chronicled in Omnibus and trade paper backs. More recently, the character has been connected to the adventures of Wolfram & Hart (Buffy’s Angel). However, Return of the Son #1 looks like a fine jumping on point for new fans as well as a rewarding read for established fans.

Fallen Angel is a spirit of vengeance in a mythical city. She is a power that balances the world. She is also an ass kicking good time. This recent installment promises as much action and vengeance as Fallen Angel fans have come to expect.

Be aware that you have three cover options when trying to decide how to invest your $3.99 reading the start to the next installment of Fallen Angel.

Written by Peter David
Art & Cover by J.K. Woodward
Letters by Robbie Robbins
Edits by Chris Ryall
Editorial Ass by Bobby Curnow

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