The GeeksverseBatman Beyond #1 (vol 4)

Batman Beyond #1 (vol 4)
Published on Thursday, January 13, 2011 by

Terry McGinnis is still under the cowl. On the heels of the “Hush Beyond” six part miniseries, DC is releasing a new on going series.

Writer Adam Beechen
Art Ryan Benjamin

In interviews Bruce Timm says that the Batman Beyond universe is always fifty years into the future. The miniseries returned to that future so that readers could watch the exploits of Terry McGinnis and his techno-cowl. The miniseries was full of the future versions of the Bat rouge’s gallery, and a hefty body count, but short on the cartoons regular cast. Hopefully the on going will launch back into the full cast developed in the cartoon, pulling from Terry’s family, friends, relationships, and futuristic villains. The first issue is a good step in the direction of a rich cast.

Much of the first issue returns to the balance of teenage Terry and the mantle of responsibility that comes with the cowl. This is much explored territory, seemingly all of the TV episodes and many of the previous comics handled this very subject. It adds to a familiar feel as Beechen pens the new tale.

The complete series is now available on DVD in a complete package set.

Kicking off a regular series with established characters. Beechen and Benjamin deliver a solid first issue. Only time will tell how successful their vision of the future will become. The mini series had a strong start that slumped mid-miniseries with convoluted sci-fi twists. One of the problems with the moody miniseries was that it seemed very similar to the direct DVD Return of the Joker. Hopefully the ongoing series will find its own voice, drawing from the cartoon, without seeming too familiar. Only time will tell.

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