The GeeksverseInfinite Vacation #1

Infinite Vacation #1
Published on Thursday, January 13, 2011 by

Written by: Nick Spencer
Art by: Christian Ward
Lettered by: Jeff Powell
Cover Art: Christian Ward
Editor: Jake Dodge

The concept behind this story is very intriguing. The ability to buy your way into a different reality and take over that life. In a universe with infinite worlds you now have the change to become anything you want.

The idea is pretty interesting but the execution isn’t that great. It’s decent enough, but it’s fairly hard to follow and a tad confusing. Is this Mark actually changing lives all the time or does he return to his original life?

And where does he get the money to do all this if he’s constantly changing lives?

It doesn’t make sense.

It’s solidly written, but it falters at the explanation of just what is going on. Mark has met all these other Marks that are dying. We see that you can visit a life and hang out with another you. But I still don’t understand if you return to your original life or take over the new one completely.

And what happens to the peson you’ve taken over?

So the girl that Mark meets. Which life is she in? How does she know that this Mark is the one she wants?

Good idea, but not that great of an execution.

The art is stylistic and interesting, except for the part in the middle where they put in a real person. It’s pretty jarring and takes us completely out of the book and it’s hard to get back into it. The rest of the art is very good.

Infinite Vacation #1 receives
2 out of 5

A good concept but not well executed.

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