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Heroes For Hire #2
Published on Friday, January 14, 2011 by

Written by: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Penciled by: Brad Walker
Inked by: Andrew Hennessy
Colored by: Jay David Ramos
Lettered by: VC's Joe Caramagna
Cover Art: A- Doug Braithwaite w/ Sonia Oback; B- Harvey Tolibao w/ Morry Hollowell
Assistant Editors: Rachel Pinnelas & John Denning
Editor: Bill Rosemann

If you had told me there would be a comic starring Paladin, Satana, Ghost Rider and Silver Sable teaming up I would have thought you were crazy and that it would be horrible. But somehow the team of Abnett and Lanning make it all work.

The new concept for Heroes for Hire works great, allowing the writing duo to bring in an odd assortment of characters from the Marvel stable on a per mission basis.

The drawback is that there is no permenant cast and that the “guest” characters don’t get much time or characterization. DnA handles the first part very well by having Misty Knight as Control and Paladin as The Janitor. Paladin’s role is to watch the proceedings and clean up as needed, as well as gathering intel.

The second drawback is highlighted in this issue. Silver Sable gets more attention then the other guest stars. She has some moments that spotlight her character as well as give the issue something more then “shows up and does stuff”. It’s a shame that Ghost Rider and Santana don’t get the same treatment. Ghost Rider’s appearance is nothing more then “shows up and busts stuff up”.

The ability to just take characters and bring them together in any situation is a cool concept but I wonder how long it can last before it gets old?

This issue involves a demonic weapons plot. Misty’s attitude towards Paladin is a bit hard to swallow and seems out of place and out of character. Yes, she’s being controled by the Puppet Master, but he’s making her do this role and her behavior doesn’t help support the role she’s doing. No wonder Paladin was suspcious.

That aside, DnA do a good job using Silver Sable and Ghost Rider’s appearance makes sense. But it’s still just a throwaway appearance.

Walker’s art is very good. His figures are highly detailed and expressive.

Some of the layouts aren’t as strong though. The Ghost Rider fight is fairly messy and jumbled. But it’s good to look at. His ability really stands out in the last page. The panel of Paladin brushing his fingers over the the dusty console was really strong. The coloring was excellant showing the dust on his fingers.

Heroes For Hire #2 receives
4 out of 5

Well done issue, excellant concept, but how long can it go before it gets old?

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