The GeeksverseMoonstone: Zombies vs Cheerleaders vs Hack/Slash

Moonstone: Zombies vs Cheerleaders vs Hack/Slash
Published on Friday, January 14, 2011 by

ZOMBIES vs CHEERLEADERS is a morbidly funny anthology series. Based on hit sketch cards from 5FiINITY Productions,t he exciting stories pick up where the visuals left off: zombie vs. cheerleaders. Every issue features five variant covers by top pin-up artists.

Upcoming, the anthology will be attacked by Tim Seeley and Cassie Hack. Mayhem and mirth is more than certain. Vlad approved!

Hack vs Zombies vs Cheerleaders


Alternate Cover Hack Slash vs Cheerleaders vs Zombies
Alternate image for Hack vs Zombies vs Cheerleaders
Hack Slash vs Moonstone Books

This is just one of the upcoming Moonstone offerings. SHEENA: the very first Moonstone appearance of Sheena in…PHASES of the MOON: a 3 issue, budget priced series, featuring 6 heroes: Kolchak, Captain Action, Sheena, Honey West, Domino Lady, and The Spider!

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