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Wonder Girl #1
Published on Sunday, January 16, 2011 by

Written by: J.T. Krul
Penciled by: Adriana Melo
Inked by: Mariah Benes
Colored by: Marcelo Maiolo
Lettered by: Sal Cipriano
Cover Art: Nicola Scott w/ Doug Hazlewood & Jason Wright
Editor: Rachel Gluckstern

An interesting story. I’m not sure the point of it. It doesn’t really advance the character of Wonder Girl or even help bring Solstice into the Teen Titans, which I’ll get to in a minute. We learn about the rocky relationship between WG and her mother and we don’t really see a resolution to it. I wouldn’t call the hug at the end a resolution or even a conversation about it. Her mother just saw her in mortal danger, I don’t care how rough the relationship is, if you see your offspring in danger you’re going to be a little upset during and thankful afterwards.

There’s just barely enough shown of Solstice’s parents to be able to draw some parallels between Cassie and her mother and her relationship with both her parents. But not having Cassie respond to that parallel kind of leaves the whole issue hanging and unfinished.

I wonder if Krul is just using this issue to set up things that will appear in his Teen Titans work. We’ve seen Solstice appear in Teen Titans and it seems pretty weird to have her show up in this one-shot and not end up joining the Titans afterwards. Just a little weird. It’ll be interesting how Krul pulls it all together in the pages of Teen Titans.

It’s hard to tell if Krul is trying to set things up with Lady Zand for future issues of the Titans.

All in all this issue felt fairly useless. No major character moments. An odd appearance by a future teen titan. The parallel between Cassie’s parents and Solstice’s parents is nice but it’s not explored.

The art is okay. It has a fun style and feel to it. It seems to fit Solstice and her personality more then it does Wonder Girl. Decent layouts. Nothing really wrong with it, but nothing really spectacular with it either.

The coloring could use some work though. Cassie was supposed to have a name tag on and only after attention is called to it, can you see the lines representing it. Too bad the colorist didn’t color it as a name tag. But then can’t really blame the colorist as the name tag disappears from panel to panel.

Wonder Girl #1 receives
3 out of 5

Nothing really special, story or artwise. Hard to understand why this book was published.

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