The GeeksverseTwilight Guardian Continues Her Heroic Quest

Twilight Guardian Continues Her Heroic Quest
Published on Monday, January 17, 2011 by

Twilight Guardian is full of real life, no twists, no mutant-spiders, no arch-villains with secret lairs, no secret assassination attempts, no cybernetic enhanced killers, no 13 mystical Artifacts, just nice suburban blocks of an obsessive-compulsive woman wearing a disguise in classic, satisfying, super-hero justice driven craziness.

Slice of life protagonists have been explored in Kick Ass, but this Twilight protagonist is fully immersed in her environment by Troy Hickman (Common Grounds). Hickman is telling a multi-level story, comic, insomniac, and sans fights. Neighborhood watch since the early nineties, Hickman’s Twilight heroine has arisen from the independent comic Tales of the Pathetic Club to pull together a character driven comic about superheros without the commas of Kick Ass.

Later this month Twilight Guardian will be taking the next step in her heroic quest as a new limited series prepares to launch. The Pilot Season issue was so well contained in delving into its environment and character but you won’t believe what will be translated in the full series.

Twilight Guardian also has a presence on Facebook.

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