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Weekly Walking Dead Shuffles On
Published on Monday, January 17, 2011 by

Walking Dead is taking a move from the Cerebus play book. In the letters page of Walking Dead # 80 Sina Grace and Kirkman quickly mentioned the weekly dose of Walking Dead reprints. This is a move that Cerebus used in the late 80s to help people jump in to the long running series. Walking Dead is trying to capitalize on the continuing momentum from the AMC tv show (DVD coming soon!) and the buzz that this book builds. If you would like to pay $2.99 an issue for the next 52 weeks, then this is the time to spend your $155 bucks on catching up to the series. While this comic is collected in trade paper backs, hard backs, and omnibus editions, this will allow you to read the letters pages from the original printing.

Preview of Weekly Walking Dead #2 is available on Image’s website. WWD #2 hit the shelves last week.

Weekly Walking Dead #3 is out this week (1-19-2011). So on and so forth for the rest of the year.
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