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Cyclops #2
Published on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 by

Written by: Matz
Art by: Luc Jacamon
Lettered by: Scott Newman
Cover Art: Jacamon
Editor: Rebecca Taylor

Issue #2 does a superb job of showing the premise of the series in action. The idea is that these soldiers fight a war with live cameras mounted on their helmets that broadcast the battles for all viewers to see.

Matz does a good job of showing the broadcast from all sides; the combatants, the viewing public, the bosses of Multicorps and Pistoia’s wife. The panels cut from one to the other, showing the battle and all the reactions to it. It really helps drive home the idea of the series this way, showing all the reactions. It helps us grasp the full intent.

But the story is really about Daniel Pistoia, who is being groomed to be a celebrity hero for Multicorps. And again Matz does a good job of showing all sides to that aspect. We see how the directors of Multicorps wonder the best way to get the most use out of Pistoia and show concern for his wellbeing, but only as it relates to their bottom line. We just start to see how this will affect Pistoia himself.

The only thing that Matz stumbles on is how easily Pistoia accepts killing the villagers in cold blood. Up to this point we hadn’t even seen Pistoia kill anyone, in combat or out. So to have him accept that these villagers had to be executed and be ready to write up a fellow soldier who isn’t sure if he can execute the men, it just seems out of place. There had been nothing to give an indication that Pistoia would be capable of that act. Anderson, the grizzled vet set to watch over him, yes, we can easily see him doing so. But Pistoia? His acceptance happened too quickly.

Jacamon’s art is interesting. In some places it seems sparse, especially in the character’s faces, and in others it’s fairly detailed. I’m not a fan of the design of the combat suits or the weapons. The weapons seems awkward to hold and the suits are fairly ugly.

Cyclops #2 receives
3.5 out of 5

It would have been an excellant issue except for the part that seems out of character. The acceptance happened too quickly and didn’t feel natural.

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