The GeeksverseMemoir #1

Memoir #1
Published on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 by

Written by: Ben McCool
Art by: Nikki Cook
Lettered by: Tom B. Long
Cover Art: A- John Cassaday

Not quite what I was expecting. The story centers around a journalist going to the town of Lowesville to talk to the residents. Apparently 10 years ago everyone in the town lost their memories.

And thats where the first break down of the story starts.

Ten years? And this is the first journalist thats gone to the town? Wouldn’t this have been a press field day immediately after it happened? Wouldn’t scientists have been studying this for years afterwards?

This is the first part of the story thats hard to grasp. The reason that Trent MacGowan goes to the town is fairly flimsy. He wants to do a story that will make him rich. McCool does a very good job at establishing Trent’s personality. He’s a slimy journalist out to make money. He doesn’t care about the truth or the people, just what the story can do for him.

And because McCool does such a good job at establishing Trent’s personality, that’s why it makes very little sense for him to go to this town ten years later. What’s the point? Shouldn’t all potential stories have been dealt with? And if not, why?

The second break down is in the town itself and the ten years later. Because so much time has passed, it makes the “event” have less of an impact. These people have had ten years to find out who they are. And with the internet and the governments data, it wouldn’t have taken more then a year or so to figure out who was who. Yes they lost their memories prior to that day, but they’ve had 10 years to make new ones.

So the strength of the story is already weakened.

The third place is breaks down is in the strangeness of the town itself. All this is happening because Trent is there or is this normal for this town? The way the townsfolk act and talk, this should be swarming with scientists and journalists.

There’s just too much breaking down for this story to have much strength behind it. McCool’s script is decent enough. Trent is a slimy bastard and the townsfolk are left overs from Twin Peaks.

Cook’s art is good. She’s got a good grasp of storytelling. Her layouts work and flow naturally. Her figures are well proportioned and realistic, for the most part. There’s a couple of panels where the figures are out or proportion, awkwardly standing or just misshaped. Her faces are very detailed and expressive. Some of them have proportion issues, too large of lips, and others it’s hard to tell what effect she is going for, but overall they are well done.

Memoir #1 receives
2 out of 5

I had high hopes for this when first heard about this. The end result was disappointing.

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