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GG Studio’s Gore #1
Published on Thursday, January 20, 2011 by

Written by: Alex Crippa
Art by: Emilio Laiso
Colored by: Alessia Noceta
Lettered by: Studio Blue
Cover Art: Laiso
English Translation: Andrea Plazzi & Adam McGovern

The cover doesn’t occur in the issue itself, so it’s a bit misleading. But it’s eyecatching at least. Very cheesecake.

The cover makes you think that this will be something along the lines of the old “Bad Girls” comics from the ’90s. It’s not though, so the cover doesn’t serve as a good advertisment for this issue. There is some cheesecake in the issue but it’s not for the sake of having cheesecake, it’s just a natural extension of the environment.

This issue takes place in 1850 Venice and is about a monster hunter. Once a year a portal opens from our world, in Venice, to a world of dark fairy tales. We see the first one of these dark fairy tales in the form of a sinister mermaid.

We never learn the monster hunter’s name, but we do meet the sister of the mermaid’s victim, who will most likely play a larger role in future issues. We also get a glimpse of the home of the monsters and it’s appropiately freaky and scary.

This is definately not an America comic. There’s a couple scenes that you would never seen in an American comic, not even mentioned. It’s not necessarily shocking but it just seems like stuff that I’d never seen in an American book before. Roxanne, the sister, is a minor and she and her sister were hired to keep a wealthy banker entertained during his vacation. They took turns. And yes, entertain means what you think it does. The other scene is in the dark fairy tale world and is a massive orgy with a servant licking the body of what appears to be a queen. I’ve seen similar stuff in some of the more mature comics before, but not handled with the same feel or sensibility.

Laiso’s art is pretty good. There’s a nice feel to the pencils. My only problem is the chin of the monster hunter. It’s huge and sticks out. It just seems out of place compared to the features of the rest of the characters in the book. It’s distracting.

The rest of the work is decent. The artist seems to have a good grasp of Venice. And the monsters are well detailed and scary looking.

Gore #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

A pretty good story with decent art.

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