The GeeksverseMorning Glories #6

Morning Glories #6
Published on Thursday, January 20, 2011 by

Written by: Nick Spencer
Art by: Joe Eisma
Colored by: Alex Sollazzo
Lettered by: Johnny Lowe
Cover Art: Rodin Esquejo
Editor: Jade Dodge

What the hell?

Seriously, what the hell?

Did we skip a couple years without knowing it? I am utterly confused by what is going on in this issue.

We meet a scientist that is on the run for negligent homicide. She did an experiment, that looks just like the object in the bottom of the Morning Glory Academy’s basement, and it went out of hand. It resulted in the deaths of people and seriously wounded her father.

Here’s the part that doesn’t make sense: WHY IS SHE ON THE RUN??

Julie Hayes at first refuses Ellsworth’s job offer because she suspects it’s illegal. And she says she would rather spend her life in jail then do an experiment like the one that went wrong. So why isn’t she? Why is she on the run? What did she do that was so wrong?

It just makes no sense.

And who Ellsworth ends up being?

What the hell?

Is this supposed to be some kind of flash forward? If so it was poorly executed. Many shows and comics, have done successful flashforwards before. But this does not succeed.

Morning Glories #6 receives
1 out of 6

I’m fine with flash forwards but only if done well and this is not done well.

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