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Young Justice Episode 3 “Welcome To Happy Harbor”
Published on Monday, January 24, 2011 by

This is our first look at the team that was created at the end of the two-part premiere, and our first good look at Miss Martian. She’s the focal point of this episode, which revolves around her trying to fit in with the boys and have them trust her despite her inexperience.

It’s a bit odd having her inexperience be the major issue of this episode. Technically she’s got more experience then Superboy, as she’s been the Manhunter’s “sidekick” for an unknown time and Superboy has only been awake for a week. So that part comes across a bit odd. And it doesn’t work in the “team” concept either as she’s been part of the team as long as the others, who really only had a couple hours working together without her.

They did do a good job of showing the differences between her (being an alien) and the humans, with their annoyance at her use of telepathy. She makes a good counter to the constant anger of Superboy.

Superboy comes across as one dimensional, anger. It’s a bit annoying. Speedy’s anger is a little more understandable, but Superboy’s is not. There’s no reason given for it. He’s just a jerk. There is not a single likable thing about him.

The boys annoyance at the way they think they are being treated comes across well, but the end is a bit too neat. What makes their situation at the end of the battle with Twister any different then before? Twister was there hunting Red Tornado, it had nothing to do with Young Justice or with the Justice League giving them a mission. They are right back where they started at the beginning of the episode.

The episode does help solidify Miss Martin as part of the team though. The banter between Robin and Flash is good, coming across as two old friends. Aqualad is a little stiff.

It was nice to see the group out of their costumes. An entire episode out the gear is an interesting touch. This is a cartoon and being a visual medium, the creators usually strive to create a visual connection between the viewer and the show. That’s normally why you don’t see the heroes out of costume very often. That YJ does it in the 3rd episode was nice to see.

Young Justice Episode 3 “Welcome to Happy Harbor” receives
3.5 out of 5

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