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Incorruptible #13-14
Published on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 by

Incorruptible may be a story that can only exist in a world where Irredeemable has happened or is happening. Luckily, that is the world that Mark Waid is penning in both of his Boom! titles.

I don’t know which character I like more Max or Jailbait! There is something distinctly twisted about their affair, even as Max is trying to absolve himself of it, that makes it fun. To me Incorruptible is a better book than the dark Superman take that Waid started with in In Irredeemable, even though the titles need each other. Max’s struggle seems nobler which may be why it is more fulfilling. Or perhaps it is the stumbles along the way, the flash backs to who he once was, and his internal conflict which makes him a more intriguing character. And Jailbait? A good girl gone bad that is resiting going back to being good. She has had a taste of fear, money, and power and does not want to return to any other life. Who can blame her. Her constant seductions don’t get as old as the whiny “why can’t I beat them up” prattling. Together they are a really interesting take on the doomed lovers.

If you’re late to the Mark Waid book, then shame on you. Luckily you can catch up with the trades. Three volumes are out currently.

In issue 13, out now, Mark Waid and artist Marcio Takara keep the fun coming. Max Damage, the unlikely good guy, has an unlikely alley in the ex-of the world ravaging ex-hero Plutonian. But is is platonic as she claims? Everybody loves the bad boy. As important, does the bad boy that is living with even know her name? Jailbait Annie is not adjusting to the new living arrangements very well. Her passion and love has become self-destructive and nearly goes up in flames in this issue.

The 13th issue ends with either redemption or one pissed off Plutonian on the horizon!

Incorruptible #13 cover C

Incorruptible 14 page 1

Incorruptible 14 page 5

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