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Stan Lee’s The Traveler #3
Published on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 by

Stan Lee and Mark Waid countdown until the Split-Second Men finally catch up with the Traveler!
There is nothing left now but to face his past head-on in a life changing match between past, present, and future and the Traveler has the power to warp and bend time to his will. But who is the Traveler? Where has he come from and more importantly, what is coming after him?

Written by Mark Waid
Drawn by Chard Hardin
SC, 32 pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
COVER A: Scott Clark
COVER B: Chard Hardin

A seemingly innocent woman is attacked by a costumed freak that appears from a clock in #1, only to be saved by the time-freezing hero: Traveler. Saving Danielle, the mother with a renewed drivers license, the Traveler says that while he has some control over time he cannot move through time like the Split Second Men. He is a man that cannot face his own face, and the media is conflicted on if he is a hero or a villain. Danielle will probably always regard him as a hero. The first issue also proved that the Traveler has a knowledge of the future despite saying that he cannot travel in time.

Issue #2 resolves the issues with the unreliable character, because it is established that Traveler can see glimpses of possible futures, but only from time to time. Key players in the story start to surface, like the arresting officer Julia in the second issue as well. That

Overall the first two issue have been a nice slow build into the world of Traveler. The third issue continues that mysterious momentum. More character without complete details. Hints and foreshadowing make this a satisfying sci-fi mystery until the face reveal. The face reveal was less than shocking. The reveal was hinted to be as scarred as Snake Eyes, but ultimately was only as ruined as a Loin King character.

While I would have liked a more drastic face reveal in the third issue, artistically the issues have been consistent. The sci-fi special effects look convincing and consistent issue after issue. Visually the odd powers are represented well in swirls and cascades of colors and fanciful shapes befitting a heroic action book.

Overall this is a playful series which is opening up a new world. Issue #3 may not be the best jumping on point, but the series is new enough that you should be able to catch up at your local comic book shop.
The Stan Lee cameo in #2 was funny. Since Lee has been known for guesting in Marvel films, to see Stan the Man show up mid-action and lose his car so that the hero could save the day was priceless.

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