The GeeksverseThe Pryde’s New Features – Letter From The Editors 01/26/11

The Pryde’s New Features – Letter From The Editors 01/26/11
Published on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 by

It’s the start of a new year and the Pryde is growing and adding some new features.

Hey fellow Pryders,

It’s almost the end of the first month of the new year and things are hopping here at your (or at least we hope so) favorite comics site.

We’re always tinkering around with the site and you may have noticed a couple of “coming soon” menus on the front page. What exactly are these new features? I’m glad you asked (even if you didn’t, I’m going to assume you did).

Awhile ago we launched the Store Spotlight. In this area we spotlight a local store of one of our members, giving it some attention. The end result of this is to create a network of store’s across the country that our members can then use to find those books they want, be it a back issue, a new variant or whatever. Eventually we’ll have a large listing broken down by State, with links to the stores.

But to do that we need your help.

We need your stores. We need you guys to tell us what stores to spotlight. We can’t make the Store Spotlight as great as it can be without your aid.

One of the two big announcements We have for you is Small Press Sunday.

Here at the Pryde we love helping out the self-publishers, small press and other guy’s that get lost amidst all the news and books from the Big 2. This is our chance to shine the spotlight on some of these guys and their excellant books.

Each Sunday we’ll be spotlighting a publisher as the Publisher of the Month. This is a chance for the publisher to tell us about themselves, their goals, their books.

We’ll also be creating an index of small press publishers. This will provide links to the publisher’s site (if they have one), where to buy their books, reviews and anything else we can add.

It’s our hope and wish that this will help get the word out and help these publishers grew and sell their works.

Sunday will also feature reviews of small press books, and only small press books.

I hope you’ll enjoy Small Press Sunday as much as we will.

The second feature has been months in the making and will be very exciting.

Starting next month will be the first round in the Pryde’s Ultimate Battle.

Cobra La (the creator of the fan-favorite forum game on Hiss Tank) has created what is sure to be an exciting and fun game. Characters from any universe, and even of your own design, will do battle. Go to the forums and join the game.

More details will be coming.

Also the Pryde is always looking for those that want to help us grow. We want to develop a dedicated newstaff and need volunteers to help out. What does it get you? Besides a sense of pride in the Pryde (ugh, can’t believe I wrote that), you’ll also be able to get into most conventions and shows with a bright and shiny Kitty’s Pryde press badge.

Let us know if helping the Pryde grow is something you’re interested in.

Hope you all enjoy the new features and thanks for making the Pryde such a great site,

The Staff of Kitty’s Pryde

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