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Highland Laddie #6
Published on Thursday, January 27, 2011 by

Written by: Garth Ennis
Penciled by: John McCrea w/ Keith Burns
Inked by: Keith Burns w/ John McCrea
Colored by: Tony Avina
Lettered by: Simon Bowland
Cover Art: Darick Robertson
Editor: Joseph Rybandt

The end of Wee Hughie’s trip home. The entire mini-series had a surreal quality to it. It was nice to see Hughie at home, but like we’re always told “you can’t go home again.” Your memories are always better then reality.

And Highland Laddie illustrated that perfectly.

Alot of spin-off mini-series really don’t serve a purpose. They don’t tie into the main story or have any impact on the main story. Luckily Ennis has done a good job with both of The Boys spin-offs, Herogasm and now Highland Laddie.

This is a story that couldn’t have been told in the pages of The Boys. It needed it’s own room to breath and spread. Part of the story seems like it’s only there as filler, the whole drug smuggling angle, but the rest of the book was really strong. The parts with Hughie examining his life, talking with Annie and talking with Vigors, were the best parts of the whole book.

Yes, those parts didn’t have any action, but they were full of characterization and advanced the character of Hughie. He grew over the course of this mini-series, which is what you want to happen when you read a spin-off mini-series about a specific character. You want that character to grow and you want that change to have impacts in the main series.

And this promises to have major impacts once Hughie returns to the pages of The Boys. And that last bit about Vigors was a real curveball that I didn’t see coming. That promises to have the biggest impact of all.

The last half of this book was really well done. You felt for Hughie and the dog. It seems a situation that alot of us could or have been in before and Hughie’s reaction is what we all hoped we would have in that situation. But that this moment is what Hughie allowed to define him, something that in the grand scheme of things is relatively minor, that says alot about the character of Hughie and helps create a better understanding of him.

John McCrea’s art is McCrea’s art. If you’re a fan, you’ll enjoy it. If you’re not a fan, then you won’t.

I’ve been an off and on fan. Sometimes I enjoy it and sometimes I don’t. This is one of the times that I did enjoy it. McCrea does a masterful job with the second half of this book. Hughie’s anguish comes across really well.

Highland Laddie #6 receives
4 out of 5

This is what you want out of a spin-off mini-series, to tell a stand alone tale on it’s own but also have major impact on the main book.

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