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Fables #101
Published on Saturday, January 29, 2011 by

Fables #101

Written by:Bill Willingham
Pencils:Eric Shanower
inks: Andrew Pepoy & Richard Friend
Colors: Lee Loughridge
Letters: Todd Klein
Cover Art: Joao Ruas
Asst. Editors: Greg Lockard
Editor: Shelly Bond

Fables #101, takes a moment to break with the main action and takes us back to the business office; the magic mirror convinces Buffkin to climb the tree in the Business Office to find a way for them to escape and return home. Though he does this by telling Buffkin that he will become a king after completing 13 heroic tasks, and since he is supposed to be unable to lie Frankie wonders if this really will come to pass. This being Fables stranger things have happened so we’ll see, it should be interesting.

Once he reaches the top of the tree he finds himself in Ev the kingdom next to Oz and there he meets up with Bungle the Glass Cat, the Saw Horse and Jack Pumpkinhead who have just escaped a chain gang. We find out that the Nome King is still ruling Oz (and presumably the whole Nonestic Continent). The Nome King remains the last of Geppetto’s main lieutenants at large: Hansel was killed during the Great Fables Crossover, the Snow Queen is still asleep in the Imperial Capitol and Baba Yaga was disposed of by Buffkin. So I’m interested in how this adventure develops and how it will overlap with the main plot.

Vetran Oz artist, Eric Shanower, was the penciler for this issue and he did an amazing job; after years of doing Oz comics and illustrations for Oz novels you can always trust him to capture the Oz characters, but he did a stupendous job on the Fables characters as well. His attention to detail is, as anyone who has read his series Age of Bronze would know, staggering. For example in the scene where Buffkin finds himself in the Lunch Pale tree of Ev, each lunch box is decorated with a different Oz/John R Neil illustration, one has the cover to “The Lost Princess of Oz”, and another has a two page end wrapper from Ozma of Oz of Ozma riding a sawhorse driven chariot as her friends look on.

The colors in this book, done by Lee Loughridge, are also to be commended they go from greys in the opening scenes in the business office to popping vibrant colors in Ev, yes the comparison to the 1939 MGM film’s sepia tone switch are obvious.

All and all it’s a fun little issue that you’ll enjoy if you’re a fan of Fables or of Oz, and if you’re like me and happen to be a fan of both you’ll love it.

Quality Rank 4/5
Out of the Fridge Score 3/5
Bechdel Test: Fail

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