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Skullkickers #5
Published on Saturday, January 29, 2011 by

Written by: Jim Zubkavich
Penciled by: Edwin Huang
Inked by: Edwin Huang, Crystal Reid
Colored by: Misty Coats, Espen Grundetjern, Jim Zubkavich
Lettered by: Marshall Dillon
Cover Art: Edwin Huang & Joy Ang

I gave this book a fair chance. I stuck out the first arc. And I still don’t like it.

It’s supposed to be a fantasy buddy “show”. Which means comedy. I don’t see any comedy in this series. I see attempts at comedy. And most of it comes in the form of the lettering, the sound effects that are replaced by actions, but that can tend to get annoying more then funny when it’s overused and it’s overused in this book.

The charaters lack anything of a true personality beyond “obnoxious dwarf” and “stoic human”. There’s nothing to grasp about this guys to make a reader want to know more about them. Their “friendship” doesn’t even come across very well. It’s more of a “two characters thrown together” then “buddies” feel.

The story wasn’t interesting. Nothing about the book overall was interesting. It’s not even like Morning Glories, which I have alot of issues with how the story is being laid out, but I still find interesting enough to want to see where it’s going. There is nothing about this book that makes me want to continue.

The art is decent but the lack of eyes is disconcerting.

Skullkickers #5 receives
1 out of 5

The only thing happy with the end of this first arc is my wallet. That’s $2.99 I’ll be saving.

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