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Homeless Comic’s Healed #2
Published on Sunday, January 30, 2011 by

Written by: George O' Connor
Illustrated by: S. Griffin
Cover Art: S. Griffin
Editor: Tracy O'Connor

I like the way this story is set up. This really isn’t “issue” 2, it’s called “volume” 2 with three “episodes” within. Both the first and third episodes are “slice of life” kind of tales, showing a couple examples of what is happening around the world now that it is “healed”. The middle tale is a continuation of the story and characters from the middle story in the first issue, the pharmaceutical company and what they are doing.

To the public, the corporation is looking into making more food as people can no longer die of natural deaths, there will be overpopulation issues. In secret, the disease side of the company is looking into why the world got “healed” and what it can do to reverse the condition.

The middle story is the strongest, giving us characters we’ve seen, and a situation we can follow. The slice of life chapters are nice, but they are just vignettes, not giving us much to latch onto. It’s good to see others reactions to the new condition of the world, and fitting the continuing story in the middle of the other two is a nice way to lay out the book. The third episode could develop into a continuing feature like the middle and it would provide a nice contrast to the corporation. We’d have what the corporation is doing and we’d have what the government is doing. That would leave the first for random stories around the world.

The script is strong. The dialogue is natural sounding and flows smoothly. The President of the Pharmaceutical division doesn’t come across as an evil businesswoman, which is a good thing. She feels like someone that is dealing with a problem the only way she knows how.

The art is still the weak point of this book. Some panels are well done, but others have a rushed and unfinished feel. The characters are stiff in their movements. The lack of backgrounds in many panels doesn’t help, disconnecting the character from their surroundings.

Healed #2 receives
3.5 out of 5

An intriguing story with an interesting format.

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