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Jester Press’ The Daughters of Merlin #2
Published on Sunday, January 30, 2011 by

Written by: Troy Hasbrouck
Penciled and Inked by: Edi Guedes
Colored by: Assis Leite
Cover Art: Guedes
Editor: Joe Novak & Richard E.D. Jones

This issue picks up where the last left off, two of the sisters, Breeta and Mina, hurtling through time and they become seperated. The issue follows Mina as she arrives in our time and our world. The shock of our world, as well as the mysterious man that is waiting for her, causes her to panic. A short while later on Breeta arrives, but as an old lady. The rest of the issue is Breeta telling Mina what has happened in the 70 years since Breeta was thrust out of the timestream.

There are some really interesting moments in this story.

I like how Hasbrouck plays against convention in a couple of spots. In one scene Mina comes upon a motorcycle gang. They are depicted as on the extreme end; heavily tattooed, mohawks, etc..; and typical stories would have the gang making sexual advances on the scantily clad Mina. This gang just wants to help her. It’s a nice touch.

Breeta, now a 70+ year old lady, wants nothing else but to impart her knowledge onto Mina. Mina on the other hand is still floundering, still not caught up, and hasn’t come to grips with being in the future. The interplay between the two in these scenes is well done. You can feel Breeta’s exasperation with Mina, well Mina just wants a moment to catch her breath.

The overall story is strong. The “distractions” of Mina work well during Breeta’s monalogue to break up what could have been a fairly boring scene.

The sequance with Breeta in the timestream, well talking to the spirit of Skye, is extremely well done with both the writing and the art. The entire sequance just works. Guedes has her cane serving as the anchor and we can see it stretching off, distorted, behind her into the distance. And each panel we can see Breeta de-aging, a bit at a time.

That sequance plays to the strengths of Guedes, which is in the facial features and expressions of the characters. He captures those very well. He shows alot of detail in the aged Breeta and her features remain consistent as she de-ages.

Where Guedes needs some work is in making the characters less stiff. Some of the poses are awkward and in others the characters stand too stiffly. The layouts and storytelling are decent.

Destiny of the Dragon: The Daughters of Merlin #2 receives
4 out of 5

Excellant issue with some nice moments and a couple of surprises.

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