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BBTS Sponsor Update! Thundercats!!!
Published on Monday, January 31, 2011 by

Thunder, thunder, thunder cats Hooooooooooo!!!!!

BBTS just launched a major preorder listing for Thundercats. The popular 80,s toy line is making a comeback in a major way and thanks to Bandai Toys, fans of all ages can re-imagine lost adventures from the days past. Offered will be a 4″ line, 6″ collectors line and an 8″ classic line. Besides figures,  Bandai will release new vehicles and accessories. On tap will be the ThunderTank and a Tower of Omens Deluxe Playset. To place a preorder, please click a link below!

Tower of Omens Deluxe Playset

Thundercats 2011 4″ Deluxe Figure Series 01
1x Lion-O
1x Grune
1x Tygra
1x Mumm-Ra

Thundercats 2011 4″ Deluxe Figure Series 01R1 – Set of 7
1x Lion-O
1x Tygra
1x Panthro
1x Cheetara
1x Wily-Kit
1x Wily-Kat
1x Mumm-Ra (Mummy)

Thundercats 2011 6″ Collector Figure Series 01
1x Lion-O
1x Panthro
1x Mumm-Ra

Thundercats 2011 8″ Classic Collectior Figure Series 01
1x Lion-O – with long Sword of Omens, short Sword of Omens, ThunderClaw
1x Tygra

Thundercats 2011 Basic Vehicle with Figure Series 01
1x Bike with Tygra and LED Accessory
1x Bike with Lion-O and Drill Accessory
1x Lizard Cannon with Slithe and Missle-Launching Feature

Thundercats 2011 ThunderTank Deluxe Vehicle
· Roll into battle with the ALL NEW 2011 ThunderCats ThunderTank!
· The ThunderTank comes with a 4” scaled Snarf figure, designed to activate the magnetic “ThunderCats Hooo!” sound efx.
· Launch the Bikes with a simple push of a button
· All 4” figures can ride and play with the ThunderTank.

Thundercats 2011 Tower of Omens Deluxe Playset
· Recreate iconic moments as seen in the all NEW ThunderCats animated cartoon with the Tower of Omens playset. Set comes with an exclusive 4” figure.
· All 4” Basic figures can play and interact with the Tower of Omens, unlocking amazing features.

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