The GeeksverseCyclops #3 – Advanced Review

Cyclops #3 – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, January 31, 2011 by

Written by: Matz
Art by: Luc Jacamon
Translated by: Matz & Edward Gauvin
Lettered by: Scott Newman
Cover Art: Jacamon
Editor: Rebecca Taylor

Now the story is getting really interesting. We’ve seen how Doug Pistoia has become something of a celebrity and now, in this issue, he’s starting to get introduced to the dark side of fame. He performs an act of heroism, selflesslly done, that propels him to greater heights of celebrity. But then he has to start questioning why it occured. Was it a set up for just this result?

I like that Matz has made Pistoia a smart man. He knows whats going on. He knows he’s being used for profit. But then he does what most of us would do, he rides the wave and takes what he needs and wants. If they’re going to use him, why shouldn’t he benefit from it? Thats a position many of us would take.

The question we have to ask ourselves is would we do what Pistoia is starting to do in this issue? Would we start questioning the gift horse if things aren’t all they seem to be?

Matz has made sure to still make Pistoia likable, and not totally corrupted by his greed. The act he performs was done for noble intents, no hope to gain. And that Pistoia is now questioning things is another check in his favor.

At first the sex scene with the Pistoias seems a little out of place, but then later on it made sense. Did he or didn’t he? I like that it’s left open for another time. We’ll be asking ourselves if Pistoia gave into temptation or not. Without the sex scene, the later scene wouldn’t have had the same impact or meaning. We wouldn’t have been questioning it because we knew that Pistoia wasn’t capable of it. But after the end of the sex scene, that allows the question to be created.

Jacamon’s style is growing on me. I still think the uniforms and guns are a little too plain and his characters have a roughness to them. But overall I’m enjoying his work.

Cyclops #3 receives
4 out of 5

Another good issue that does alot for advancing the plot, giving us a character that we can relate to.

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