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Darkwing Duck Classics TPB vol 1
Published on Monday, January 31, 2011 by

Before he was the “wall that crashes your light cycle,” “crime that is anything but elementary,” “jukebox, unplugged to try another flavour,” “can of spinach you cannot open,” “Romance that always ends badly,” and other announcements declared by the daring duck, there was a cartoon: Dark Wing Duck. That Disney cartoon had a comic to support the caped adventures of the masked mallard. Now that Boom! has a hit with the new incarnation of the terror that flaps in the night, Boom! is bringing out the trade paper back reprint of the previous episodic cartoon supporting comic from the 90s.

John Blair Moore writing and drawing with George Wildman, Gary Martin, and others on inks and colors.

These eight reprinted collected issues look great. The color is sharp and clear. The art is very 90s. This won’t be confused with the recently drawn Darkwing Duck, but it does let readers catch up on the zany adventures of the Duck night.

Where the summer 2010 miniseries, and the on going Boom! series have been packed with interlocking action, the reprints connect less story to story. This reprint is approachable to fans new and old with any level of attention span. This child friendly reprint can be a great way to introduce the new audiences to the older adventures. Darkwing’s back in full swing in 2011, so it is nice to see where his roots are planted. The full cast is in the trade including Tauras Bulba, Launchpad, and of course Gosalyn. Other villains are introduced as well.

These adventures of Darkwing and cast return to the comic shop shelves soon! Ask about them at your local comic book shop. Discuss on the Pryde Forum! Let’s Get Dangerous!

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