The GeeksverseG.I. Joe #26 Advanced Review

G.I. Joe #26 Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 by

Written by: Chuck Dixon
Penciled by: Robert Atkins
Inked by: Clayton Brown and Juan Castro
Colored by: Andrew Crossley
Lettered by: Shawn Lee
Cover Art: A- Robert Atkins w/ Clayton Brown & Andrew Crossley; B- Tom Whalen
Associate Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt

I’m torn. First off this issue has everything that I don’t like about G.I. Joe, and that is super Snake-Eyes (this time joined by super Helix). Two people attacking a large Cobra base on their own. But it’s well done. It reads well, it’s entertaining. At the same time I’m disappointed though. The arc seemed like it was going to build up to a large epic battle between the Joes and Cobra and so far all we’ve gotten is alot of Snake-Eyes and Helix face time.

Now next issue could be a big battle, but it still won’t be as epic as it possibly could. For 26 issues, fans have been waiting for a Joe/Cobra battle and we’ve been fairly disappointed. A couple little fights but nothing that could be called a battle.

This issue is decent though. Dixon gives Helix and S-E a somewhat plausible “excuse” for being an Army of Two, as they manage to close off the hanger keeping the majority of the Cobra forces on the outside and away from them. And Helix does get injured. But it could have been much better, even if it had just been Brainstorm MASSing in the Joes that had been “copied” last issue.

The evacuation seemed a little forced though. It didn’t take long for the Cobras to all flee en mass. That was a lot of equipment clumped together. I liked how Dixon showed what was going on with Cobra Commander and the Baroness, as they dealt with the invasion of Section Zero on their end. The references to the Council make me hope we learn more about it in the upcoming Cobra Civil War.

Atkins did a good job with this issue, except for a little issue we’ll get to. The action flowed smoothly and he the effect he made for Helix’s abilities was well done. The one issue I have with his work, and it’s been consistent throughout his run on Joe, is that he doesn’t draw the vehicles as good as the rest of his work. In this issue, as well as last, he drew large clumps of vehicles too close together and it doesn’t look right.

With the announcement that he’d be moving to the Snake-Eyes book, I don’t think I’ll have any complaints about his work as the S-E book will be right up his alley.

I do like how he threw Cobra blueshirts and Vipers into the mix. And it was nice to see so many recognizable vehicles, even if they were off a little bit. He even threw in an Arctic Hiss from the recent 25th/Modern Era toys.

And I hope that the ice tank that S-E carjacks at the end of the issue becomes a toy at some point.

G.I. Joe #26 receives
3.5 out of 5

Even though it was well done, it’s still a disappointing issue. Too much Snake-Eyes, not enough Joes.

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