The GeeksverseRescue Rangers #3 Advanced Review

Rescue Rangers #3 Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 by

Chip ‘n Dale, Gadget, Zipper, and Monterrey Jack are back and still pitted against Fat Cat. This is another great comic from the company that has been reissuing Mickey Mouse, Scrooge, Dark Wing Duck, and the 90s Disney cartoon products. #3 opens with Fat Cat plotting and the Rescue Rangers once again trying to save the day.

If you were watching the cartoon in the 90s, then you should buy this book.

If you have kids that are younger than the 90s, then you should buy them this book to show them what television was like. These would make nice companions to DVD sets and a closet of toys.

As nostalgic as this comic is, it is also a fun read and a well executed story that can appeal to young children as well as adults. Ian Brill has been working on crafting Darkwing Duck stories lately. On this book his mastery of stories for young and old comes through. The colors pop the art off the page and help bring to life these small heroes. Leonel Castorella, artist, and Jason Arthur’s lettering fit well in the page. The look is both tiny and larger than life at the same time. The rampaging polar bears are fierce and cuddly so as not to be overly terrifying. This truly is a shining example of how a good book can be written and created for all ages. This creative team is not afraid to use silence. The figure rendering is full of emotion and motion so the moments of silence work well in the talking animal story.

The story ends with…well, go to your local comic shop and find out.

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