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Superboy #4
Published on Friday, February 4, 2011 by

I like this series but then I don’t. It’s hard to describe. There are aspects I like and there are those that I don’t. It’s well written and I like that Lemire is trying to expand Superboy’s mythos but giving him his own supporting cast and “city”. But at the same time there’s just something that seems “off” about this book.

This issue is really just set-up for future arcs. It adds a character to the story, in the form of Psionic Lad, who is more then he seems. Lemire gives us the twist to Psionic Lad on the last page, and only time will tell if it was too soon. It might have worked better to not show the twist and just let events happen with some clues dropped here and there. It might have had a bigger impact. We knew there was more going on then it appeared, but it would have been better to drag it out a bit longer.

Lemire does good with the character moments. We can sense Simon’s jealousy of Psionic Lad. We can sense Lori’s disappointment and have to wonder how that will play out now that she knows Superboy’s secret identity. Lemire carries the emotional moments nicely.

Gallo’s art is nice, but it’s not. He’s got a nice linework but the use of the odd panel layouts is a bit distracting in a traditional story like Superboy. It looks nice but it doesn’t quite work for this style of story. He also has some issues with clothing and hair. Lori’s shirt was odd and Simon’s hair just didn’t work. At least we didn’t have to see the glasses that Superboy wears in his secret identity. Gallo has real issues with those.

Superboy #4 receives
3 out of 5

This book has potential but there’s just some off moments.

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