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Weekly Walking Dead #5
Published on Friday, February 4, 2011 by

Weekly Walking Dead hits #5 with the full price reprints of the popular series turned TV show. Carion picking over bodies and target shooting before they realized that that would draw a crowd of roamers. Issue #5 is a simpler time with Rick, Lori, and the original group of survivors outside of Atlanta. Tensions mount as the idyllic campfire is interrupted by the inevitable zombie horde.

Writer Robert Kirkman
Everything Else Tony Moore

Already collected in the trade paperback, hard cover editions, and omnibus editions, this issue is now available as a reprint single issue complete with the original letters columns.

Designed to be instant gratification for the new audience, this comic has thus far kept its promise to ship every week. This is a good starting point for any new fans brought in by the AMC show.

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