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Black Salt: The Last Heroes Left #1
Published on Sunday, February 6, 2011 by

Written by: Chad Boudreau based on the screenplay by Owen Ratliff & Aries Caramona
Art and Cover by: J.C. Grande
Inked by: Dexter Vines, Jeff Huet & Jason Paz
Colored by: Santosh Kumar Rath
Lettered by: Ed Brisson
Editor: Brian David Robinson

Published by: Ratti Entertainment

Black Salt is a martial arts tale centered on the teachings of the Shaolin. It opens in 1984 at a temple where one of the masters Kali is teaching practices that are wrong. He wants to expand the teachings to those that would pay, not just those that are worthy. He is caught and kills one of the students. Cut to present day, where two agents of an unspecified government agency, try to stop the theft of a biological weapon. The agents, Li and Sam Tharpe, manage to kill the leader of the thieves but lose one of the vials of the weapon. The leader turns out to be the son of Kali who vows vengeance.

The story is very interesting and seems to be very ambitious. The writing is easy to follow with no major plot holes or jumps in story logic. The characters don’t have much time to get developed, with the exception being Kali who seems to be a fairly standard villian archetype. But what is shown is interesting enough to catch attention and make us want to learn more.

Sam is shown to have a large family, wife and 4 young children. That’s an interesting dynamic to add to the character and hopefully more time is spent on Sam and his family. Right now both Sam and Li aren’t much more than standard martial arts heroes that we’ve seen dozens of times in comic book. But like I said before, there is enough there to start to set them apart and the story is strong enough to make a reader want to continue with the adventures of Black Salt.

Grande has an interesting style. The figures are well proportioned with good anatomy, but the linework is somewhat rough without a crispness to the lines. The style is good and makes for a good looking book. The action scenes don’t flow that well though, with some jumps that are a little jarring. The storytelling aspects needs a little work as there are gaps in the sequance and flow.

For a book strong on martial arts, the action needs to flow smoothly and for the most part this does but there are some scenes that don’t work as well.

Black Salt: The Last Heroes Left #1 receives
3 out of 5

A good start to what seems an ambitious project.

To learn more, visit the Black Salt website.
Black Salt: The Last Heroes Left can be bought at Drive Thru Comics and the first issue is available for free download here.

A preview can also be found at Drive Thru Comics.

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