The GeeksverseJackhammer: Political Science #2 (of 4) from RP Comics

Jackhammer: Political Science #2 (of 4) from RP Comics
Published on Sunday, February 6, 2011 by

Set in Boston, MA former costumed hero, Jack McGriskin, is investigating mysterious bodies and deaths. Jackhammer McGriskin is back on the case.

Small presses can struggle to deliver quality material in a timely manner. One reason some readers avoid the small presses is as not to be burned when the comics stop mid-run. Luckily, Brandon Barrows and RP Comics has brought out the second of four issues in Jackhammer: Political Science. The comic is running on time and with strong production values joining the story.

#2 (of 4): Two-Party System delivers the goods. The post tights super heroes are still poking fun at the “comic booky” sounding names. Jack “Hammer” McGriskin says to Howitzer, “I ain’t callin’ you Howitzer. Too damned comic book.” and “And yeah, yeah. Before you even say it I’ve heard all the Jack Hammer jokes under the sun.” Jack’s relationship with the police and the former-hero circles are both explored in this second issue. As any second issue should do, some questions from the first issue are resolved but more questions are raised to be answered in the next issue.

The next issue will be out around March, another installment of this genre-combining hero and detective story that is sure to be as well paced and well crafted as the last two issues.

Writer: Brandon Barrows
Art/Character Designs: Ionic
Letter/Text Layouts/Logo: Gonzogoose Design’s Brant W. Fowler
Cover: Ionic

Both issues of Jackhammer: Political Science are available from online stores.

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