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Sky Pirates of Valendor Vol. 1 Part 1
Published on Sunday, February 6, 2011 by

Written by: Everett Soares
Penciled by: Brian Brinlee
Inked by: Michael W. Keller
Tones by: Jet Amago
Lettered by: Cary Kelly & Steve Kuster
Cover Art: Brinlee
Editorial Team: Amy Haley, David Haley & Nic Carcieri

The first volumen is five issues long and I’m breaking the review down into two parts, issues #1 and #2 with the rest to follow next week. Sky Pirates of Valendor is published on two front. There’s an ongoing prequel, taking place before the collected volume, that is a webcomic. Then there is the print comic published by Jolly Rogue Studios.

Sky Pirates tells the tale of Captain Tobin Manheim and his crew and ship The Rogue’s Revenge. The story opens with Tobin being hired by Governor Langford of the Valen Empire to rescue a kidnapped employee of his. The first two issues follow Tobin getting the job, assembling the crew and voyaging to the city of Croix where the rescue is to be attempted.

The writing is crisp and clear, establishing basic personality traits for the main cast. We’re given some mystery to a past relationship between Tobin and, what appears to be a cyborg, Gearz. The story flows smoothly and is well laid out. The characters are fairly interesting with an odd mix of races and creatures living and working together.

The world is a mix of fantasy, pirates and steampunk. It’s an interesting mix and seems to work well together. Although Gearz technology stands out a bit oddly at times when fighting with trolls who have clubs and are dressed like pirates. Gearz, herself, stands out as she’s the only bit of technology beyond the ships in play. The ships are airships and having a mast on Rogue’s Revenge is out of place.

But the world has a certain charm to it. There’s a fun aspect, as it’s a pirate’s tale and those are always fun.

Brinlee’s art is good. The characters are well proportioned and consistent from page to page. They are all unique and stand out from one another. He’s good at drawing a mix of different sized characters together on the same page without it looking odd, which is a fairly rare talent.

At parts the ships look a bit plain, without much detail. Which is odd because he is very detailed in the backgrounds of the city and the characters.

The action flows smoothly and the panels are well laid out. There are no jumps in the story flow.

Sky Pirates of Valendor Vol. 1 Part 1 receives
4 out of 5

It’s a fun pirates tale.

The webcomic can be found at the Sky Pirates of Valendor website.
Visit Jolly Rogue Studios

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