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G.I. Joe Renegades Episode 11 “The Enemy of My Enemy”
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This episode offered alot for old school fans, as well as the new fans.

For the old school fans we got the introduction into Renegades continuity of Serpentor as well as a more traditional Scrap-Iron. But the biggest thing for old school fans was the “introduction” of Destro.

For the new fans we got more bio-vipers, the return of Mindbender and some big fights.

This episode had lows and highs.

The lows were Scarlett, who acted completely like a rookie. The shooting down of the antenna? The insistence on hurting Cobra and not gathering much needed intel. She acted impulsively. Which makes me wonder if there’s some personal reason she has such a vendetta against Cobra from the beginning. I’m now very interested in her past pre-Descent (the first episodes).

Tunnel Rat, saying multiple times, how he was okay with hurting Cobra was a tad annoying. And it doesn’t jive with some other episodes where he’s the one most insistent on getting their names cleared. Of course it’s hard to tell as the episodes are airing out of order for the most part.

The highs were all on the Cobra side in this episode. The gamesmanship between McCullen and DeCobray was interesting and well laid out, well crafted. And at last they gave us an origin for why McCullen is called Destro. I like the idea presented in Renegades, that it’s a mark of shame in the McCullen family, a way of marking a member that let the rest of the family down. It’s a great idea and I’m glad that the writers of Renegades decided to give the name “Destro” an origin.

The writers did a good job of setting up the corner that McCullen found himself in. On one side he was trapped by his obligation to Cobra Industries and not wanting to be a “destro” to the clan. And on the other hand his own pride wouldn’t allow him to work side by side with the annoying Mindbender.

As a side note, I hope Mindbender gets hurt badly, I can’t stand him.

The idea that McCullen would turn to the Joes and get his enemy (the Joes) to hurt his enemy (Mindbender) in order to meet his goals seems like a classic Destro move, pitting both sides against the other.

I wonder if the Baroness was the one that tipped Cobra Commander and Mindbender off to McCullen possibly being the whistle blower. She seemed pretty shocked and horrified as the Commander put the mask on Destro.

It’ll be interesting to see how far the writers take the idea of Destro being the Commander’s servant. And it’ll really be interesting to see how and when Destro gets his revenge.

The episode leans more towards the good side as the whole Destro/Cobra part of the episode was very well done. The lows were significant though but in the end doesn’t really hurt the overall episode that badly.

G.I. Joe Renegades Episode 11 receives:
3.5 out of 5

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