The GeeksverseHotwire: Deep Cut #3 – Advanced Review

Hotwire: Deep Cut #3 – Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 by

Created by: Steve Pugh & Warren Ellis
Written and Illustrated by: Steve Pugh
Lettered by: Steve Pugh
Cover Art: Steve Pugh
Editor: Marie Javins

This book is a must read. This is what comic books are all about.

This is a mini-movie that you read. The pages flow smoothly and I could see the bluelights gliding across the page. Adapting this book is what CGI was made for.

The first two issues were really nothing more then set-up for this last issue, which delivers on the promise made by the first two. Alot happens in the pages of this issue, we see Alice come to a realization. She knew she had been going down fast and the events of this issue slap her back to reality.

It’s interesting to watch as Alice is humbled, and yet not, this is Alice Hotwire afterall. At the end she realizes she needs the help of the people she hates, but she’ll do it on her terms.

The bluelight, Tom Epping, is a character that you feel sorry for at the end. Two issues making him out to be the villian of the story where in reality he’s just someone that is trying to do the right thing and just can’t, no matter what. He’s someone you end up rooting for. When he’s given the choice by Alice, you want him to do the right thing. You hope he does the right thing.

Pugh crafts a wonderful story. The end is a masterpiece. For all the depth and emotion in the last part of the issue, there’s even some funny parts. How Hotwire’s narration describes Rantz’s “heroic” actions and the truth is a riot. Well crafted, well laid out.

This is a beautiful book. The bluelights are creepy, yet beautiful at the same time. Pugh chooses just the right colors to give them the unearthly feel but at the same time they seem grounded, part of the world.

And the job he does with Alice is amazing. The shot right before she jumps from the helicopter is almost painful to view. You can see the fear in her eyes. She looks almost childlike. But then when she’s attacking the bluelights, she looks psychotic. But through it all she’s Alice.

Hotwire: Deep Cut #3 receives
5 out of 5

This is a must read. This was made to be a movie.

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