The GeeksverseQuick Thought Reviews For The Week of 02/02/11

Quick Thought Reviews For The Week of 02/02/11
Published on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 by

I have a stack of books left over from last week so you’ll find some of those in this week’s Quick Thoughts as well as books from this week.

The Sixth Gun #8
Published by Oni Press
Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Brian Hurtt

Another excellant issue that expands on the mythos of this world. We get some more interesting characters and more mysteries. Also a really nice “silent” sequance of a fight between Drake and a giant alligator.

Secret Avengers #9
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Ed Brubaker
Art by: Mike Deodato Jr.

Well plotted and crafted. I like the John Steele character and the Shadow Council’s motivations are interesting. Brubaker sets up alot of history with Steele, and some mysteries, with just a few well placed words. I like the new Commander Rogers, the one that plays a little dirty.

Uncanny X-Force #4
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Rick Remender
Art by: Jerome Opena

Pretty solid on the characterization in this issue. Can they bring themselves to kill a kid? The Last Horsemen were still too easy to bring down. Fantomex is too powerful in my opinion. That Wolverine didn’t “pull the trigger” and that it wasn’t Deadpool, rings kind of false though. Warren not going through with it was good. Opena’s art was sloppy and messy in this issue.

Guarding The Globe #3
Published by: Image Comics
Written by: Robert Kirkman & Benito Cereno
Penciled by: Ransom Getty

The problem with a large cast, and adding new faces each issue, is that you don’t get to spend alot of time with the cast members and you don’t develop connections to them. There was a couple of times in this issue that I went “who is that one again” when different cast members showed up. The wait between #2 and #3 certainly didn’t help any. The new inkers on Getty’s pencils didn’t help either.

JSA #47
Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Marc Guggenheim
Art by: Scott Kolins

First thing to fix this horrible start to the new era of JSA? Get a new artist. Second thing? Redoing what Guggenheim has started. I’m seriously thinking of dropping this book.

Hulk #29
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Jeff Parker
Art by: Gabriel Hardman

Another good issue of Hulk. Parker plays with some high concept stuff which is interesting when the main character is a muslce bound brute. Introduction of two new enemies in this issue. The new MODOK looks cool enough and not sure what to make of the Red Hole entity yet.

JSA All-Stars #15
Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Matthew Sturges
Art by: Freddie Williams II

Why do I always start off each issue of All-Stars thinking that I missed an issue? It’s weird but there always seems to be a gap at the beginning of each issue. Williams art wasn’t as bad this issue as it normally is. It seemed toned down.

Wolverine: The Best There Is #3
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Charlie Huston
Art by: Juan Jose Ryp

Extraordinary amounts of blood does not a mature title make. What is the point of putting a parental advisory on a book and censoring out the swears? It makes no sense. The story is finally starting to get somewhat decent. Wolverine is still out of character, but it’s fairly crazy.

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