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E.L.F.: Earth Liberation Force
Published on Sunday, February 13, 2011 by

Written by: Jason Avery
Art by: Andre Caliman
Colors: Daniel Harris
Letters: Charles Pritchett
Cover Art: Carlos Cabrera
Editor: Brian Downes
Published by: Across The Pond Studios
Created by: Howard Avril, Jason Avery & Rod Wynn

This book is pretty well crafted. There are some really well laid out moments. The opening, where Cooper is fishing as a kid, and the dragon starts it off. The part where the daydream of Cooper’s mother becoming the Commander caught me by surprise. It’s a nice way to show the end of the day dream. The dragon, which seems out of place at first, comes together at the end and ties the beginning and the end together.

The rest of the issue is a giant aerial battle, which is well laid out.

We get enough to learn a bit about the personality of Cooper. He fits the description of “hero” perfectly, but not enough to be bland. There’s enough there to make a potentially interesting character. We just don’t get enough to learn what really makes Cooper tick.

The end is well done. With the appearance of the dragon at the beginning, it creates a hook that keeps us reading throughout the normal (relatively) battle scenes to learn what is going on. When Cooper awakens in the other world with all the fantasy creatures around him, and the dragon again, it creates the hook. Normally part of the main story has to be peppered throughout the issue to create the hook, but this issue does it with just two pages.

The art, by Caliman, is pretty good. He’s got a decent anatomy on his figures, the faces are a bit round but overall well done. The panels are well laid out and his storytelling is very strong.

It’s obvious he had fun with the double page spread that ended the book. There’s lots of stuff going on and it’s all pretty nice to look at.

E.L.F.: Earth Liberation Force #1 receives
4 out of 5

An impressive start to a new series.

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