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Minimates Age of Apocalypse Sets
Published on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 by

Well I was in New York for Toy Fair I stopped by Midtown Comics near Times Square and was able to pick up both of the New York Comic Con Exclusive Age of Apocalypse 4-packs.

The first pack contains Sunfire, Cyclops, Rogue and Magneto.

Sunfire looks just like he did in AoA. He’s got two fire blast pieces that can fit onto his hands.

Cyclops looks like the AoA version. He’s pretty accurate with the hair covering one eye. He’s got no extra pieces.

Rogue has a collar piece so can pose her without the cape.

Magneto has the most pieces of all. His shoulder armor is removable so be careful that you don’t lose them. His “default” (in package) is with cape, long hair and braids. He has a helmet so you can take off the hair and make him look more classic. He also has a piece, so can remove the cape and just have braids and ponytail peeking out from the helmet. There is also a jet black “angry” head. This doesn’t fit very well with the cape on and looks pretty good under the helmet.

The second pack contains Dark Beast, Apocalypse, Jean Grey and Wolverine.

Dark Beast looks beastly with great details.

Apocalypse is a fine minimate. I’ve just never been partial to the look.

Jean Grey looks great. She’s got a bit of spike to her hair that is pretty cool.

Wolverine is geared out. He’s got three sets of hands. The first “default” (in package) has blue gloves and his claws extended. You can replace those with unclawed versions. I had a hard time getting the unclawed into the holes so I didn’t try to hard. The last set replicates his one-handed form from AoA. You remove the hands and slide the silver gauntlets over the wrists. One is with claws extended the other is the cap that covered his arm. He also has some pretty wild hair replicating the way Adam Kurbert drew him. Wolverine even has paint apps on his arms to look like hair.

These are great little sets and well worth the price. Good additions to anyone’s minimate collection.

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