The GeeksverseMemoir #2

Memoir #2
Published on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 by

Written by: Ben McCool
Art by: Nikki Cook
Letters: Tom B. Long
Cover Art: Nikki Cook

This book could really benefit from some captions giving time and place. It jumps around in time, the first page being a good example, and there’s no indication of what is flashback and what is present day. With a colored book, the colorist can do something to the shades at the least, but in a black and white, it’s next to impossible to tell. And the story doesn’t help either.

We’re to assume the first page is in the past, just like the first issue, but we’re not told that. And with Bob Rockman telling Trent his story, and events in the present cutting into the flashbacks, it gets a tad confusing. It took me a minute or two to realize that the diggers in the forest were in the present, for example.

Parts of the story, the idea doesn’t carry over well. At first it looks like the black shadow causes the fat FBI agent to have a heart attack, and then it shows up behind him? That whole sequance was confusing.

Speaking of the FBI agent, he just appears out of no where and never gets introduced. We only learn he’s an FBI agent because he says so, later in the story. He’s there because of the bodies that were found, but that was the end of last issue. Was that a different day? Two days ago? Three? A week? Captions telling time and location are a minor thing but they would go a long way towards making this story easier to understand.

And why wasn’t Trent concerned about the bodies? He doesn’t seem the least bit interested in bodies being uncovered in the street. That felt odd. So does Rockman’s sequance. He tells Trent that he’s telling his story to scare Trent out of town. Yet he stops it and lets Trent go off? That doesn’t make any sense.

The story is starting to take off, but again I keep looking back at the time period. Ten years is a long time for no one else to think about telling this story.

Cook does a good job making Trent into a slimy bastard. Too good a job. When he’s talking to Rockman, the slime is just oozing off of him, it makes it hard to believe that anyone would want to talk to this guy. She’s too good at making his outward appearance a reflection of his personality.

Some of her characters are ugly. It’s hard to tell what’s up with the FBI Agents face. Is he scarred? Is she trying to depict fat on his face? Is Rockman scarred or just old?

Her basic figures are good, but it’s the details that need to be polished. And tone down Trent’s slime.

Memoir #2 receives
3 out of 5

Better then the first issue but still has some issues to work through.

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