The GeeksverseQuick Thought Reviews for the Week of 02/09/11

Quick Thought Reviews for the Week of 02/09/11
Published on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 by

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #4
Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Nick Spencer
Penciled by: Cafu

What exactly is the “Higher United Nations” and why are we just learning about it now? Also the “shock” ending? If it’s true, and not a doppleganger, then it really makes no sense. The entire series makes no sense at that point. All it does it show how ill thought out the set-up is. It could still be saved, but it’ll take a miracle.

Knight And Squire #5
Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Paul Cornell
Art by: Jimmy Broxton

This is a decidely different book. Jarvis Poker, the British Joker, is dying and the Knight goes out of his way to help him be thought of as more then just a joke. But then the Joker shows up. It’s a fun read.

There’s a large stack of books from last week that Troy didn’t get to. Some of those will find their way into the upcoming week’s Quick Thoughts.

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