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Fables #102
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Fables has always been about taking characters from myths and stories and making them “real”, to an extent. So it seems logical that a group of characters whom books were created/based on, would turn to another similar medium when their backs are against the wall.

This issue opens six months later. That would be six months after issue #100. We see the results of Frau Totenkinder’s failed attempt to kill Mister Dark, the boogeyman. We see what six months has done to the city of New York, now called Darkland. And we get a bit about what six months has done to the Fables.

Willingham does a good job with using the characters conversations to show what has been going on for those six months. At the same time Willingham is giving a thesis on comic book super teams. In a way it makes perfect sense. Pinnochio explains the idea to Ozma, again Willingham using the conversations to fill the reader in, that if magic is based on belife then doesn’t it make sense to follow the “rules” of the super hero story and use the “belief of generations of comic readers”. The Fables strengths and long life come from the belief the Mundys have in them, from reading the stories through generations. So having them form a “super team” and use that belief in the fight against Dark is a great idea.

I can’t wait to see more of how Willingham breaks down the super team archetypes and fits existing Fables into those roles.

Buckingham’s art is as gorgeous as always. He follows a pretty traditional grid layout and frames each page. The frames are great but everyonce in a while when there was a Haven frame on one page and a Dark frame on the other it didn’t work as well, the two contrasting jarringly where they met.

Other then that, Buckingham’s work is beautiful.

Fables #102 receives
4.5 out of 5

At first glance a Fables “super team” seems an odd idea for the book, but once start reading it’s perfect.

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