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Published on Monday, February 21, 2011 by

Super Dinosaur is finally here! Sorta. In this standalone origin special you will learn everything there is to know about Derek Dynamo’s best friend, Super Dinosaur! Where did he come from? How did he avoid extinction? What is Inner-Earth? And what the heck is DynOre and why is it so dangerous? All this and more will be revealed – and all for FREE!

In the letter pages of Kirkmaniac publications more and more mentions of the upcoming all ages project are coming faster. Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard are teaming up to release their large armored dinosaur project on Free Comic Book Day, which is why the preview is currently up on The preview introduces key players and the basic situation within the Dynamo Dome. Radical science meets childhood imagination in this upcoming comic.

Writer Robert Kirkman
Artist Jason Howard
This is the same dynamic duo that premiered Astounding Wolfman at Free Comic Book Day several years ago. Wolfman had a 25 issue run before the creative crew moved on to this all ages project. Wolfman was chocked full of rampaging violence and gut splatter. It will be interesting to see this team keep the comic interesting but clean.

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