The GeeksverseWho Is Jake Ellis? #2 – Advanced Review

Who Is Jake Ellis? #2 – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, February 21, 2011 by

Written by: Nathan Edmondson
Art by: Tonci Zonjic

A strong follow-up to the wonderful first issue. This issue starts to give some back story to the characters of Jon and Jake. We see how and when they first “met” and are giving some clues to the truth of the relationship.

Is Jake just a manifestation of Jon’s subconscious or is Jake someone else imprinted on Jon? We see that Jake can think and act independently. He isn’t just there to guide Jon along, he can follow his own agenda, as much as he is able to.

It’s also interesting that Jon has no true skills of his own, just what Jake teaches him and tells him. Jake has to teach Jon how to take apart and clean the gun for example.

Edmondson does a fine job with the pace of this issue. We see Jake wanting to find some answers and Jon just wanting to run away and save his skin. It’s an interesting dynamic and it’ll be good to see which one gives in first. There’s just enough backstory given to add depth to the story and still keep most of it a mystery. A mystery that we get to watch unfold.

Zonjic’s art isn’t as strong in this issue. It’s still good and the linework fits they noir-ish tone of the thriller, but the overall quality isn’t as impressive. I think Zonjic shows too much in this issue. It’s too bright, not enough shadowy. He made excellant use of shades and light in the first issue and almost too much light in the second issue. It could be the difference between the issue taking place in the daytime, but I prefer the more shadowed look.

Jon looks different then the previous issue as well. Zonjic does a great job making Jon look haggard and exhausting, but at the same time he doesn’t look like Jon. The facial features are a bit different.

Overall Zonjic’s work is good, but just not as good as the first issue.

Who Is Jake Ellis? #2 receives
4.5 out of 5

A tad weaker in the art but made up for in the story. A good second issue to the series.

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