The GeeksverseG.I. Joe #27 – Advanced Review

G.I. Joe #27 – Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 by

Written by: Chuck Dixon
Penciled by: Robert Atkins & Allan Goldman
Inked by: Clayton Brown, Juan Castro & Eber Ferreria
Colors: Andrew Crossley
Letters: Robbie Robbins
Cover Art: A- Robert Atkins w/ Clayton Brown & Andrew Crossley; B- Tom Whalen
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt

The end of IDW’s first season of G.I. Joe. And it ends with not quite a whimper, but definately not a bang. The MASS device is destroyed, Snake Eyes and Helix are saved by the help of the Fobbits. And the Joes receives a message from an unexpected source.

With the ability to transport people anywhere in the world, and beyond, it seems to reason that some would end up stranded when the transport beam is destroyed.

This wasn’t one of the better issues of the first season. Not one of the worse, but it leans closer to that end. It seems a bit too much that the Fobbits can remote control the MARS tank that easily. It all wraps up too nicely. But it does wrap up and this issue does show us how it all ties into Cobra #12/13 and the end of that storyline. Dixon’s jargon and battle speak is pretty good, but Shareware and Dial-Tone were starting to get a bit annoying by the end.

This issue did what it was supposed to, bring to a close the currently open storylines and set up some others for the future. In that regard it was good. It just wasn’t the most exciting way to wrap it all up. It showed, and over used, most of what was the complaint about IDW’s handling of Joe. Too much science fiction, too much emphasis on the Fobbits, too much Snake Eyes and not enough of the rest of the Joe team.

Like I had mentioned in previous issue reviews, Dixon and company messed a perfect oppotunity to really show off the Joe team in action with it’s first major battle against Cobra but instead turned it into the Snake-Eyes and Helix show. Twenty-Seven issues and never got a big battle between the two forces and really only saw the Joe team deployed in large numbers once and they didn’t even do anything.

The last page was pretty good though. Not a big shocker like advertised, but an interesting end and I wonder what will become of it.

It was kind of hard to tell where Atkins stopped and Goldman took over. The two seemed to run together almost looking like they were sharing pages. Both looked rushed for the majority of the issue with only a couple of panels really standing out as really good, the rest just decent with some bad panels mixed in. Not the best artistic effort.

G.I. Joe #27 receives
3 out of 5

Where Cobra #13 was a solid wrap, this is just a wrap. Story and art felt rushed and had that “let’s just get it over with” feel.

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