The GeeksverseIron Man 2.0 #1

Iron Man 2.0 #1
Published on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 by

Written by: Nick Spencer
Art by by: Barry Kitson, Kano & Carmine D Giandomenico
Colors: Matt Wilson Kano
Letters: VC's Joe Caramagna
Cover Art: A- Salvador Larroca; B- Marko Djurdjevic; C- Dheeraj Verma w/ Morry Hollowell
Editor: Alejandro Arbona
Senior Editor: Stephen Wacker

I love the War Machine armor and I’ve usually been a fan of the stories told about Jim Rhodes and that armor. So I’m at a loss as to why this series is being called “Iron Man 2.0″ and not “War Machine”. Rhodes is back with the military, using the armor for the government, and apparently with Stark’s blessing. Did this happen as a result of the Detroit Steel storyline, which I missed the last couple chapters of? A nice recap explaining how and why Rhodes is back with the military would have been nice, and is pretty much needed.

Stark and Rhodes hint at why, saying that the government is going to have a guy in armor so it might as well be armor they control. But that still doesn’t fully explain it all and at least let us know when this decision was made.

As for the issue itself, Spencer does a good job bringing Rhodes recent history into it and sets up a nice conflict of wills between Rhodes and the general in charge, Babbage. There’s a couple mentions of the time that Rhodes destroyed the military base when Osborn was in charge. And it’s good to see that even though Osborn was bad, there were still repurcussions to innocents when the good guys tried to take him out.

This is probably one of Spencer’s better stories as he doesn’t try to great overly creative, high concept, or crazy. He tells a pretty straight forward tale. It doesn’t make sense that this is Rhodes first mission though, as it is nothing that the armor can really deal with. Wouldn’t there be other operatives that the government could bring to call on this type of mission? It just seems an odd one for an armored operative.

The first and last pages bookend the issue with a bit that doesn’t make much sense or have any connection to what is happening until the last panel. It’s a nice technique and helps frame the rest of the issue.

Spencer really hasn’t found the voice of Rhodes though, as it didn’t “sound” like him and it definately didn’t sound like Stark.

The art is kind of muddled. I don’t really recognize Kitson’s work at all, which is a shame because he was one of the major selling points of this book for me. I’ve always been a big fan of Kitsons and was looking forward to seeing his pencils. But it’s hard to tell if he even did any of these pages as his signature style didn’t stand out to me. Kano and Di Giandomenico’s pencils are messy and somewhat ugly. Here’s hoping that Kitson does the next issue like he usually does.

Iron Man 2.0 #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

Decent first issue. A bit weird of a mission for Rhodes and the armor to be involved in.

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