The GeeksverseKing Conan #1: The Scarlet Citadel part 1

King Conan #1: The Scarlet Citadel part 1
Published on Friday, February 25, 2011 by

Script: Timothy Truman Artist: Tomas Giorello Colors: Jose Villarrubia Letters: Richard Starkings & comicraft Covers: Darick Robertson with Dave Stewart/Gerald Parel Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Our story opens up in Shamar, which is the Summer Palace of the King of Aquilonia. A scribe has been sent to begin recording the history of the king’s reign. At first the King is seemingly annoyed, however he decides, since he’s in the process of getting inebriated to tell his tale.

The king, we come to find out is Conan himself. And this is the tale of a great battle against the wizard Tsotha-Lanti. And this battle does not start out well for our heroic barbarian.

Everything about this book from the art to the writing to the coloring works extremely well and perfectly captures the world of Conan. This is a comic book at its best! I can tell from this first issue that we are in for a real treat with the King Conan series and greatly look forward to issue #2!
By Crom Dark Horse has truly brought back my love for Conan.

King Conan #1 receives 5 out of 5 swords!

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