The GeeksverseThe Amazing Spider-Man #655

The Amazing Spider-Man #655
Published on Friday, February 25, 2011 by

Written by: Dan Slott
Art by by: Marcos Martin
Colors: Muntsa Vicente
Letters: VC's Joe Caramagna
Cover Art: Marcos Martin
Assistant Editor: Ellie Pyle
Editor: Stephen Wacker

Last issue Marla Jameson, wife of NYC Mayor J. Jonah Jameson, was killed. This is the funeral.

The first half of the issue is a silent issue as we follow Peter and Jonah at the funeral and the burial. It’s extremely powerful stuff and Martin does an amazing job with this part of the issue. The emotion is plain to see on all the faces. Peter is a wreck and Jonah is so emotionless, so stone, that you expect to see a breakdown at any moment. The sadness is etched all over Max Modell’s face and posture. He sags in his seat, his face as haggard as his body. When Jay Jameson, Jonah’s father, reaches for his son, you can see him wanting to hold and support.

The first half is just brillant.

The second half is just as brillant but in a different way. The second half is Peter having a nightmare, trying to come to grips with yet another life that has been lost. He wonders the eternal question that haunts all super heroes, when is enough enough and when should the hero step over the line and take a life?

The nightmare is well done. Peter is confronted by all the people he has lost, and even the one he killed, over his career. He’s confronted by the villians that keep returning to life well the good people do not. He’s confronted by Uncle Ben’s killer and he’s confronted by the “vigilante” heroes, those that do kill.

And each confrontation pushes Peter closer to the edge, the edge of where he will take a life. But again, like it always has been, it’s Uncle Ben that brings Peter back from the edge and reminds him what “great responsibility” really means. It’s Ben that tells him that if Peter starts taking lives then all that Ben taught him will be for nothing.

Well written, well illustrated, well crafted. This is one of the better books written in a long time.

The Amazing Spider-Man #655 receives
6 out of 5

Moving, emotional, thought provoking. Brilliant.

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